All images above are from a scan taken by Dr. Tran!


The future of dentisty today!

Dr. Tran is proud to have added a Sirona Galileos 3D cone beam scanner to provide you with the best dental care possible.

The Galileos 3D system is an innovative piece of equipment we've added to our practice. Galileos creates a 3D image of your entire jaw in a 14 second scan. Because it's a 3D image, Dr. Tran is better able to diagnose any problems more accurately. The 3D image and Galileos software allows for a more in-depth look at your teeth, mouth, and jaw than a traditional 2 dimensional radiograph offers. Galileos does all of this with less radiation of other 3D technology-about the same as a sunny day at the beach. 

With the 3D image, Dr. Tran can better treatment plan implant cases. With the Galileos implant software, Dr. Tran can accurately plan the best location for the implant placement for it's best chance of success while avoiding damaging nerves and other important structures.

For root canals, the 3D image aids Dr. Tran to see each nerve canal so it can be properly be cleaned and sterilized. With 2D images, canals could easily be hidden.

3D cone beam scans can also help evaluate and treat TMJ and sleep apnea problems.

3D cone beam scans can also help planning extractions of teeth including wisdom teeth.

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